Realtor Healthcare Quote Request

Welcome to your exclusive Realtor Healthcare Enrollment page. There are multiple plans to choose from with some of the largest networks available. Please read carefully to ensure you make an appropriate selection.By clicking below you will be re-directed to our third party partners web site e-health to shop and enroll. You may need to re-launch this page to return to

I am UNDER AGE 65, looking for guaranteed-issue coverage and want to compare plans for myself, and/or spouse and family.

I am OVER AGE 65, looking for Medicare coverage and/or want to compare plans for myself and spouse.

 I am BETWEEN THE AGES of 50 – 64 looking for comprehensive PPO plans that offer comprehensive coverage and higher rates may apply. 

Dergalis Associates , Alex Dergalis does not sell or service these healthcare offerings. They are sold and serviced by third party licensed vendors